The Pivotal Employee


With unemployment at an outrageous high, it is crucial that those of us with jobs or seeking a new job rise above the everyday problems and embrace challenges in the work place.

Employers want an employee that can be on time and show up with a smile. There is traffic everywhere and especially when you are rushing to get somewhere important, so make the extra effort to wake up slightly earlier to get out of the house with enough time to expect the unexpected. Furthermore, rushing can put most of us in a bitter mood which can ruin a first impression or image others have of you. Continue reading “The Pivotal Employee”

Time Management

Back view of businesswoman drawing time management concept on wall

With good time management, a person can get far more done than what they would otherwise. Time management can not only help one achieve many personal and career goals, but it can actually lead to a happy and less stressful life.

Here are a few time management tips to help get any time management problems in order so you spend more time on the tasks that will do the most good for you:

Priority List:
Write down all the things that you must do for a given period of time. The best time to do this is at the beginning of week.  When you only rely on memory you are likely to forget something.
Decide what is most important to get done. Rate your tasks between 1 – 5, with number 1 being the most important and number 5 being the least important tasks. Now can work on this week’s task according to their priority. Continue reading “Time Management”