The Pivotal Employee


With unemployment at an outrageous high, it is crucial that those of us with jobs or seeking a new job rise above the everyday problems and embrace challenges in the work place.

Employers want an employee that can be on time and show up with a smile. There is traffic everywhere and especially when you are rushing to get somewhere important, so make the extra effort to wake up slightly earlier to get out of the house with enough time to expect the unexpected. Furthermore, rushing can put most of us in a bitter mood which can ruin a first impression or image others have of you.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Respect and appreciation with fellow employees in the work place is fundamental. Show you care by greeting others in the morning.

Feel proud of your work product. Self-confidence is everything!

Be a solution creator, not a problem dictator. Acknowledge people make mistakes, but the employee who can find a problem or challenge and create a solution is an employee that can write their ticket to success.

Leave your problems at home. You should not mix your personal life with your professional life; it is unethical!

Knowledge is answer. The only way to master change is to gain the knowledge to be ahead of change. Do not limit yourself to your current position, but seek data on future opportunities and positions above your current status. In the event a better position becomes available, you will be in the lead to receive a promotion.

An employee with good communication and listening skills is indispensable. Embrace diversity of thought so you are open-minded to new ideas and better solutions, as well as, learn to give and receive feedback. Appreciate time and efforts put in by others and let them know their work is appreciated by complimenting them.

Learn about areas outside your focus. Go above and beyond what is expected of you. Analyze the entire process of projects you are working on from creation to production to marketing to feedback. Do not stop where your area ends and others will notice.

Always review your emails before you hit send. Common mistakes can be caught by double checking your work or things your write. Most importantly, never send an email when you are angry or upset!

Deliver your work before deadlines and without reminders.

Do not be the first out the door. Essentially, you do not need to be a workaholic, but do not let your mind and focus beat you home.

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